#teenpick – Best Foot Forward

Another #teenpick from Justice!

Jenna Boller has entered a new stage in her life full of maturity. She has a serious job, a great best friend, and a messy family that she’s learning to cope with. Her life appears to be going well until Tanner Cobb, a recent shoplifter and an ex-convict, begins working with her. Suddenly, her life is thrown into chaos as the company she works for begins to shift and change, and she is forced to fight for the things she loves. But when the going gets tough and she needs someone to trust can Tanner be that person?

This is a lovable book full of humor, heart, and a pocketful of truths that you get to take with you when you’re finished. This is a sweet story that shows us that everyone can use a second chance, and that when the going gets tough, the tough stand tall and get going. The companion novel to rules of the road, Best Foot Forward is the type of book that is a perfect pick me up after a long day. A great read for people who love pleasant books full of humor, insight, and light.

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