New Art at the North Kamloops Library

Did you know that local artists can showcase their pieces at the Kamloops & North Kamloops Libraries? Through the Art in Public Spaces program, run by the Kamloops Arts Council, these locations feature artwork from local artists on a rotating basis. 

From May 17th until October 15th pieces from artists Ed Young, Insun Kang, and Marianna Abutalipova are featured at the North Kamloops Library. Read on to learn more about the artists, and check out for more information on the artwork and the program. 

Ed Young

Ed Young is a 79 year old retired draftsman with no formal art training except the usual elementary and secondary school courses. He was born, raised and lived in Vancouver, BC until retiring to Kamloops in 2002. He works in acrylic and ink on heavy watercolor paper or canvas. Ed has a great love of the outdoors and displays this in the many different subjects he chooses to paint including landscapes, totems, northern lights, wildlife, flowers and graphic designs.

Insun Kang

Insun is an artist who specializes in oil and acrylic medium based in Kamloops. She developed her passion for art when she joined the art club in middle school. While she was working in the administration internationally, she continued to develop painting techniques through workshops. After moving to Kamloops from Korea 8 years ago, she started pursuing her career as an artist and was recently accepted as an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. She is passionate about portraying Kamloops’ city scenes and beautiful skies. It’s her way to discover exciting moments in town and the way to express her love to Kamloops and its people. Also, she loves to paint pop art inspired by her Frenchie and other animals. In her spare time, she goes hiking with her dog, mountain biking, and bar crawl with her husband.

Marianna Abutalipova

Marianna Abutalipova was born in Uzbekistan, a former Soviet republic in Central Asia. She studied art at the Art Academy of Tashkent. In 1998, she moved with her family to the heart of Europe – Belgium, the country of the best beer, chocolates, and French fires. She spent some time in the Royal Art Academy of Antwerp and other parts of Europe, such as Paris, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Barcelona, London, and Rome. After ten years of living in such a small country, she met the love of her life on vacation in the Caribbean, who happened to be Canadian. Who knew that she was moving again, to Kamloops, British Columbia, in 2008. Art was, is, and always will be a part of her life. It is who she is, what Marianna feels, and how she views the world. Art represents her past and her future dreams. In addition to art, Marianna loves to dance, spend time with friends and family, read, cook and travel around the globe. Marianna also keeps her days busy with being a mom and a full-time International Student Advisor & Homestay Supervisor at TRU World.

Find Marianna on Instagram @abutalipi or Facebook at

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