Tech Tuesday: How to Search for Our Latest DVDs

The Thompson-Nicola Regional Library has an extensive collection of DVDs to choose from. Here is a quick library search tip to help you find the most recent DVDs in our catalog and reserve your copy.

Step 1. Choose the advanced search box and enter your search criteria.

You can find the advanced search by clicking here or by going to the main page of our website, clicking into search bar, and then hitting enter.

This will bring you to the main catalogue search page, and from here you can select the Advanced Search.

To fill out the advance search start by typing “DVD” in the Keyword option, then choose “DVD” for the Format option and finally “2019 to 2020” in the Year option.  Once this is complete click the search button on the bottom left corner.

Step 2. Sort the Results

Once you are at the results screen, select “Date” in the “Sorted by” options. This will put the most recently ordered movies first in your results list.

Step 3. Browse and reserve

Once the DVDs have been sorted by date simply browse through all of the results. Once you find a movie that you would like to watch, click on the Request it icon, enter your login information, and choose the branch most convenient for you to pick up your items at. You will be notified when your movie has arrived. Happy Searching!

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