Storytime & Craft: Nocturnal Animal Silhouettes

This week we have a super cool topic and a super cool craft: Nocturnal Animal Silhouettes!

Nocturnal Animal Silhouettes

Spend some time in the evening creating fun stories with flashlights! Follow the instructions below on how to make some of our favourite nocturnal animals into flashlight silhouettes!


  • Silhouette Printable (download below) or black construction paper as an alternative.
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • flashlight


Step 1:  Print off the Nocturnal Animal Silhouette PDF or create some small nocturnal animal shapes out of black construction paper.

Step 2: Cut out the silhouettes. Once they have been cut out, grab some tape to roll onto the back of the silhouette cut-out.

Step 3: Tape the silhouette to the middle of your flashlight and find a dark space. When you are ready, turn on your flashlight and watch the silhouette light up on your wall or the roof!

Early Literacy Activity: Get the children to guess which animal the silhouette is of. Have books about the animal near you so you can let them know interesting facts about the animals, or tell them stories. Have the kids tell you what they know about the animal. Create stories with the silhouettes together!

Check out some of these cool links to National Geographic for some interesting facts on nocturnal animals:

If you’re looking for more stories, here are some suggestions! You can place these books on hold through our catalogue by clicking the links below.

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