Storytime & Craft: Unicorn Puppet

Catch the storytime on Facebook after 10:30am on March 19th. 


  • 1 piece of paper (8×11 inch)
  • Assorted scrap coloured paper (or felt pens to colour white paper)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Printable Unicorn template
  • Black marker


Step 1:  Fold your 8×11 piece of paper in three lengthwise.

Step 2: With the paper still folded into three, fold it in half to look like this:

Step 3: fold in half again on each side to look like this:

Step 4: Add a strip of glue to hold the folds down. There should be a space where your fingers and thumb can slide into to create the puppet mouth.

Step 5: Using the printable template (or by drawing your own) cut out and trace the unicorn horn and ears onto your desired coloured piece of paper. Cut out your horn and ears and glue them to the top of your paper puppet. Cut out flower shapes in assorted colours.

Step 6: glue all pieces to your paper puppet. Add eyes and a red tongue. Have fun telling stories with your new puppet pal!

Bonus Activity:  Have fun making a few more unicorns or other creatures out of the paper and put on a puppet show!

If you’d like more unicorn stories, check out these picks from our collection!

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