#StaffPick: Wishtree by Katherine Applegate

by Katherine Applegate
215 pages
Juvenile Fiction
Available in Book, eBook, Audiobook, eAudiobook, and Large Print format.

This story is beautifully narrated from the perspective of a 216-year-old oak tree, Red. Along with her closest friend, Bongo, and the other animal families who reside in her, Red watches over the neighbourhood.

People in the neighborhood call Red “The Wishtree”. Every year on the first day of May, people come from all over the town to write their wishes on pieces of paper, socks, or cloth, and tie them on Red’s branches. Many wishes are ambitious, goofy, selfish, and sweet. But never unkind.

When Samar and her Muslim family move into Red’s neighbourhood some people are not pleased and make the newcomers know that they are not welcome. A nasty threat is carved into Red’s trunk and the tree’s owner, Francesca, threatens to cut it down – causing Red to do something drastic.

This book is easy to read and is a page turner. Sometimes people are bombarded with too much information, words, and news in their everyday lives. On a day when you want to relax, Wishtree may be the best book to indulge in. This story is full of compassion, wisdom, concern, and a sense of humour too. This morally bracing story will leave its imprint on readers of any age.

My soul was touched after reading this.

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