Storytime & Craft: Easy Bunny Puppet

With this easy trick, you’ll always have a puppet on hand to entertain your little ones. All you need is a pair of stretchy gloves!


  • A pair of stretchy gloves
  • Sharpie – optional


Step 1:  We’ll begin by creating the bunny’s head out of one of the gloves. Fold the cuff of one glove up twice, stopping so that the fingers are still showing.

Step 2:  Tuck two of the fingers and the thumb into folds, leaving two longest fingers out. These are the ears!

Step 3:  Now you’ll create the bunny’s body using the other glove. Tuck the thumb inside the glove, so that only the fingers of the glove are outside the glove. These are the bunny’s arms (2 outside fingers) and neck (2 inside fingers). The tricky part is to then put the glove on, but with some creativity it’s possible!

Step 4:  Attach the bunny’s head to the bunny’s body, but sliding the two “neck” fingers into the holes for the bunny’s ears. Now you have a bunny puppet!!  Feel free to add face parts with a sharpie if you like.

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