#teenpick – Awkward

Here’s a #teenpick from Justice!

Penelope Torres recently arrived at Berrybrook Middle School and made the socially awkward mistake of tripping in the hallway and causing a scene. When a quiet boy tries to help her and the kids start making fun of her, she panics and lashes out at the boy. Weeks later, even after she joins the art club and makes friends, she still can’t stop feeling bad about it. To make matters worse, the boy, Jaime, is in the science club, which is her club’s arch-nemesis. But when the club’s fighting goes too far, Penelope has to take the lead to save both club’s. 

This book is an absolute delight to read. It’s cheerful, it’s bright, and it’s hilarious. It’s super fun to read and just so wholesome and great. I absolutely adored this book and I would recommend it to anyone else who enjoys comic books full of humor, heart, and all things deep fried and covered in awesome sauce. Plus, if you like Awkward, Svetlana Chmakova has also written two other books in the world of Berrybrook Middle School, Brave and Crush, which are also great! 

Read it here!

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