Weekend Kids Activity: Painted Rock Garden Markers

Welcome to the first in our series of weekend kids activities! Each weekend we’ll be sharing an activity that you can do with the children in your life.

Spruce up your space this spring with these adorable hand painted rock garden markers. Painting rocks is a craft which kids of all ages will enjoy, and this twist makes it a great opportunity to add in a little science and some vocabulary building while you talk about what plants you’re growing in the garden!

While younger children may need a helping hand, you can keep older children engaged by challenging them to create patterns or more intricate designs on their rocks, or have them do the tricky work of labeling the plant on each rock. And if you don’t have a garden, maybe this craft will inspire your kids to get outdoors, learn all about different plants, and start a garden!

So, what do you need to get started? Rocks!

Go exploring for different rocks in your backyard or your neighborhood with your children. Have fun! Smooth, flat rocks work best, but of course any rock will do! Figuring out how to paint them can be part of the adventure.

Next you’ll need something to decorate your rocks with!

This is most easily done with an assortment of colorful acrylic paints, a fine-tipped paintbrush for some of the more intricate work (such as the lettering), and an assortment of thicker brushes for the larger areas. Paint supplies like this can all be found at a dollar store. If you want to get more creative in your materials (or don’t have access to paint), you could try decorating your rocks with markers, sharpies, or even crayons!

Now it’s time to let your children’s imagination loose! Fill your garden with vegetables, herbs, flowers, and maybe some bugs. The possibilities are endless. Before you know it you will have the whole family involved, and rock garden markers everywhere!

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