The Merritt Library is Hatching Chicks!

The eggs were laid here in Merritt and they come from various chicken breeds including Ameraucanas, Copper Marans, and Houdans. Once hatched, the chicks will return home with Ros, a staff member here at the Merritt Library and our resident “Chicken-Mom.” 

The chicks are expected to hatch May 12(ish). 

Meet Ros

Meet Ros, the source of the TNRL Merritt Library Chicks. Ros is a TNRL staffer, Merritt local and a loving “Chicken-Mom.” She has been raising chickens for 12 years. She and her family currently have about 35 chickens, all happily living on pasture. She loves pretty birds as much as she loves pretty eggs, and she’s always happy to make room for more chickens. 

The incubator and eggs at the TNRL Merritt Library are on loan from Ros. She will taking care of them here, then taking the chicks home to their family. A big thank you to Ros for letting us be part of the experience! 

The Chicks

The eggs are from various chicken breeds including Ameraucanas, Copper Marans, Houdans. Once they hatch, the chicks will be going back home with Ros. We hope they will become egg laying hens.


Ameraucana chicks are the classic pale yellow and they hatch from bluish eggs. When they mature, they are known for their fluffy, puffy cheeks.

Copper Maran

The brown eggs are the Copper Maran eggs. These chicks have almost squirrel-like patterning when they hatch. When mature, they are a matronly chicken that Ros describes as “the Mrs. Doubtfire of Chickens.”


We haven’t had this breed at the library yet and we’re so excited to meet them! Houdans lay white eggs and we expect the chicks will have a pronounced tuft of fluff right at the top of the head. Mature Houdans are truly beautiful with a v-shaped crown, a pronounced crest, and five toes (not the usual 4). To put it simply, they have style.  

The Mystery Egg

There is one egg we’re not quite sure of, but it’s probably a Buff Orpington. We will all just have to wait and see!  

Learn more with the Library!

Stay tuned to the TNRL blog for more info as the eggs incubate and we get closer to May 12 when the chicks are expected to hatch!

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