#teenpick – The Witch Boy

Here’s a #teenpick from Justice!

In the world of magic that Aster has been raised in there’s one rule: boys are raised to be shapeshifters and girls are raised to be witches. Despite this rule Aster is drawn to witchery. His family frowns upon him wanting to learn it because of a family member’s mistake from a long time ago. Aster often feels like an outcast in his family because of this and tries to hide who he is for their sake. But when a dark force threatens his family, Aster, with the help of his new friend, must face it and prove once and for all to everyone that he is a witch.

I absolutely adore this book! I have to admit that at first I got a little stuck on the title but I’ve never been more glad that I didn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Magic, action, and an adorable and relatable main character? Spectacular! But I think that the thing I liked most about this book is the message. Witch Boy teaches us that who we are and who we choose to be are up to us. That no matter what other people say or do we should be who we are. This book is made for those of us who love great artwork and a compelling, magical story.

This book is just the beginning of an awesome series so if you enjoyed this book you better keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the series!

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