#teenpick – The Book Thief

Here’s a #teenpick from Haonan!

The Book Thief is an anti-war movie whose original fiction was written by Markus Zusak. From the perspective of “death” the movie tells a story about how a refugee girl, Liesel, gained strength by reading to help herself and others around her during the the hard times of World War II in Germany. Both the hideosity of Nazi party and the brightness of humanity are demonstrated in the movie. Yet even in a world where righteousness must be hidden, the bright side of humanity outshines its brutality.

I think this an inspiring movie that touches the bottom of my heart as I share the same enthusiasm of reading as Liesel. I admire not only the knowledge she gained from the books she read but also her courage and strength to survive difficult times. Readers who are interested in the lives of Germany’s common folks’ during World War II might find this movie interesting. The young romance between two children is also very lovely to me. But above all, this movie, as well as its fiction is recommended because the sparkling spirits in the main characters are worthy for us to admire and learn from.

Find the movie or the book here!

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