#share-a-hobby: Painting

Here’s a #share-a-hobby post from Kiona!

I’ve been painting for 2 years now. I have only made 3 paintings and I only paint when I find time to. Although I’d rather paint I find that sketching or drawing is easier to clean up. Paint takes a lot longer to clean up. I only paint when I have an idea that inspires me and a lot of time to spare.

I started painting because I found a love for it in art class in school. Before painting I would leave my drawings black and white or I would use markers and watercolors. What I liked about using acrylic paints was the fact that you can make mistakes and then cover them up. I love painting because I can make an art piece that has a finished look and to make a point or statement.

The painting in the pictures is one of the few I have finished but I have more ideas that I want to paint. 

I love to express my culture in my paintings. I love to research what piece I’m going to paint. Right now I am researching the Indian Act and what the First Nations people have gone through. I have already sketched out some thumbnails of what I was imagining. I showed and asked some people if I had missed anything or if I needed to fix something but I haven’t got the chance to start painting it yet. I have started to paint a previous drawing that I did for the day of Sucwentwecw for school district 73.

It was easy to go to the library to check out books to help with my painting or learning how to draw. Here are some books I would recommend so you can get started:

Kiona worked with the TNRL as an Indigenous Youth Intern for the Summer of 2021. 

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