#teenpick – Magnus Chase and the gods of Asgard: The sword of summer

Justice is back with another #teenpick!

Magnus Chase is a runaway. Ever since a mysterious accident two years ago that killed his mom, he has been living on the streets and on the run from the police. But his life takes an even bigger turn for the worst when his uncle Randolf, a man that his mom had warned him about, begins to hunt him down. But in a desperate attempt to avoid him Magnus gets caught. His uncle then reveals an amazing truth: the creatures of Norse mythology are real and Magnus must inherit an ancient weapon that has been lost for a thousand years. Before he has had any time to process this the city is attacked by a fire giant. Magnus must make a tough decision, and with that decision, a whole new life of adventure and magic awaits him.

This book surprised me in all the best ways. It’s adventurous, it’s exciting, and full of great humor that leaves your sides aching from laughter. The Sword of Summer is the beginning of a fantastic series by Rick Riordan, and makes learning about Norse mythology both entertaining and enlightening. I recommend this fantastic book series for those of us who love adventurous books full of peril and tomfoolery.

Read the book here!

Read the series here!

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