#teenpick – I am Princess X

A #teenpick from Justice!

May and Libby have been friends since the fifth grade, bonded over their greatest creation: the story of Princess X, the story of a warrior princess with red chucks and a katana sword. But then Libby and her mother drove off a bridge, and Libby died, taking Princess X with her. Years later May is sixteen and lonely, missing Libby everyday. Suddenly, she sees a sticker in a window with Princess X on it. Then May begins to see the Princess everywhere, including in an online comic with hidden clues inside it. This cements something in her heart that she never thought could be true; somewhere out there, Libby was alive and she was waiting for May to find her.

I am Princess X is an action packed adventure with suspense and mystery in every page. The design and the comic strips inside are absolutely brilliant, and bring out a whole new level of pop throughout the story. This book, although exhilarating and adventurous, also shows us true lessons about honesty, family, and friendship, and is extremely meaningful and inspiring. A book filled with mystery, adventure, and more heart stopping moments than I care to mention. This is truly an invigorating read for anyone with a thirst for action and suspense!

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