#teenpick – Booksmart

Here’s a #teenpick from Haonan!

Booksmart is a coming-of-age comedy about two girls planning to make up for things they “lost” during their hard-working high-school life the night before their graduation. Interactions between characters of a vast variety is one of the highlights. Even though some interactions or scenes were unpleasant the characters eventually come out with their unique experiences that touch the bottom of the audience’s heart. The overall message conveyed from the director is positive and delightful with the sign of the modern times.

I recommend this movie because I had some good laughs with it. It is a good choice for watching with close friends. And to my own interest, the movie provides another dramatic interesting aspect about western high-school life that I could not know much of from my homeland. Moreover, I have learned not to focus all my attention on the destination of my life but also to mind the views and people on my path to there, because some of them could be beautiful and unforgettable.

Find it here!

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