Tech Tip: Read Magazines with Libby

eBook & eAudiobooks - Young mixed race woman reading eBooks
eBook & eAudiobooks - Young mixed race woman reading eBooks

Borrow ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and more for free with your TNRL library card! 

Libby is the newer library reading app by OverDrive, loved by millions of readers worldwide. Learn more about Libby here.

You may have heard there are thousands of ebooks and audiobooks availably on Libby, but did you know there are magazines, too? 
Follow the steps below to check out the thousands of electronic magazines available to you for free!

1. Open the Libby app

From the home screen, scroll down until you see “Magazines” under the heading “Guides.” 

Or, select the magnifying glass in the bottom left-hand corner, then tap on “Magazines” under the “Explore with Filters” heading.

2. Refine your search

You can always select the “refine” button on the right-hand side of your screen to narrow down the format, subject, availability and other options for your search.

3. Explore the many magazine subjects Libby has to offer!

4. Check out your magazine

Once you have a found a magazine you would like to read, click on “borrow.” A new screen with your library card and the amount of time you are borrowing the item for will come up. Select the “borrow” button once again.

You will also get notified of the option to get notified when a new issue of your favourite magazine comes out at this point. This acts as a way for you to “subscribe” to the magazine, all for free with your library card!

5. Enjoy!

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