Storytime & Craft: Bunches of Grapes

Celebrate Marlene from “I Do Not Eat the Colour Green!” finally eating green by making some green grapes of your own!


  • Green tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers or crayons
  • Glue stick
  • Plain paper for background


Step 1:  Cut the green tissue paper into squares, about 2″ x 2″. You’ll need at least 10 to make a grape bunch, but feel free to cut 15, 21, or 28 for bigger grape bunches.

Step 2:  Crumple each square into a ball by tucking the edges under, or rolling the tissue in your hands to make the ball shape. Encourage exploration and allow your child to find different ways to create the balls.

Step 3:  Start with 1 ball and glue it towards the bottom of the page. Be sure you have enough room for the 4+ rows of balls (depending on how many you have decided on).

Step 4: Continue to glue the balls onto the page, adding 1 more ball to each row.

Encourage your child to practice their numbers and counting skills by asking questions like: “How many are in this row? So what is one more than that? How many should come next?”

You can also allow your child to make whatever shape of grape bunch they desire.   

Step 5: Once you have enough rows, encourage your child to draw in a background for their grape bunches. Are they sitting on a plate? Are they growing on a vine? Is someone holding them above their mouth?

Bonus Activity: Allow your child to use whatever crafting materials you have on hand to create other green foods that they enjoy. Crumple tissue into tube shapes for pea pods, or cucumbers. Rip up strips and pieces or papers to construct a salad. Crumple bigger balls for apples or cabbages.

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