#Staffpick: Nature Books for 6-12

Nature Calls

by Jessica Young

Join Finely Flowers as she goes to summer camp!

Finely is trying to prove to her older brother that she is more than capable of going back to nature at summer camp. Finely is determined until she arrives and notices that fussy Olivia is her bunk mate. Will Finely manage to go back to nature now?

Ages 6-8

Soapstone Porcupine

by Jeff Pinkney

A young Cree boy and his dog go on an adventure that ends with quills everywhere and an upset older brother!

The brothers meet an elder who reminds them of the importance of the porcupine and as the story develops our main character learns the importance of the porcupine and sometimes putting your quills up protects you from getting pushed around.

Ages 6-10

Hilda and the Hidden People

by Stephen Davies

Go on an adventure with Hilda as she meets some pretty fantastic creatures!

Hilda encounters trolls, giants, and elves along her journey but will she make it out okay when she learns she has to move? This is the first book in the Hildafolk novels.

Ages 8-12

Camp Time in California

by Mary Pope Osborne

Take a trip with Jack and Annie to Yosemite national park!

Jack and Annie are joined by John Muir and Teddy roosevelt as they take a trip down memory lane. They explore the vast forests that are lined with redwoods in California!

Ages 6-9

Harry Okpik, Determined Musher

by Maren Vsetula & Harry Okpik

Enjoy this awesome biography of Harry Okpik with beautiful illustrations.

This book dives into the history of dogsledding and introduce the story of Harry Okpik!

Ages 6-9

The Boreal Forest: A Year in the World's Largest Land Biome

by L.E. Carmichael

Let author L.E. Carmichael take you on a journey through the world’s largest land biome!

In this book we get to learn about forests, climate, water cycles and history. There is also a glossary at the end which is a great tool to learn some new words and their meaning surrounding forests and biomes.

Ages 9-12

Le Canot Rouge

par Leslie A. Davidson

Dans ce livre, le personnage principal fait du pagaye avec son grand père!

Dans leur voyage, les deux voient le paysage et les animaux qui entourent leur canot rouge . Le Canot Rouge est une histoire qui parle des liens avec les grand parents et leur petits-enfants. Il y a aussi une version en anglais si vous voulez une expérience bilingue!

6 à 8 ans

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