Reading Staycation

Even though we’re not able to go on exciting international adventures, we can still celebrate the remainder of summer from the comfort of our homes. Give yourself a day (or even just an hour) to relax by following some of our staycation tips!

1. A good book

This is a must; if all else fails, a book can transport you to another world! Pick up a light read (or a thriller, whatever relaxes you) from the library. If you’re really feeling the wanderlust, maybe grab a book set in Venice or Paris. Just pretend it’s you wandering along the Seine…

2. Reading spot

Whether you’re planning on travelling from the comfort of your couch or from your pretend backyard beach, try to make your space a bit nicer than usual.

Get rid of any clutter, pull out all the comfy pillows, get out your beach towels. It’s important you make it feel special; your regular old couch is for a regular day, but a luxurious couch in a New York penthouse clearly means you’re on a luxurious trip. (Okay, yes, our imaginations only go so far. You’re not really going to believe the New York thing, but still! Go out of your way to make a day on your couch seem exciting rather than normal.)

3. Dress accordingly

If sweatpants is what you’re feeling, do that. If you need an excuse to dress up, do that too. Your beach day might feel just a little more believable if you pull out a huge sun hat and sunglasses…

4. Do all the chores BEFORE

Plan ahead! If there’s something you really need to get done, do it before. Obviously, you can’t control everything, but you want a relaxing day, not a “uh oh we have no food in the house, time to hit up Costco” type of day.

5. Snacks

Prepare all the food beforehand, and you can pretend you’re at an all-inclusive resort. Vacation You will be very excited to have snacks easily available.

6. Music

Some people like listening to music while they read. If that’s too distracting, you could try adding some ocean wave sounds to your beach day. Or find a YouTube ASMR playlist with wind and chirping birds. There are even videos based off fictional places; you can pull up “sounds from the Shire” and literally immerse yourself in The Hobbit.

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