#Staffpick: Summer Reading Club – Wrap Up!

Congratulations to everyone who completed their reading records and everyone who took part! Remember you have until September 12th to submit your completed reading records through our website. Before school starts, we have a few final book recommendations for young readers from Brittany. All of these and more are available through our online catalogue at tnrl.ca.

Books to Read Together

Zathura by Chris Van Allsburg

The sequel to the popular book-turned-movie, Jumanji, this familiar children’s tale is filled with adventure and brotherly mischief. Brothers Danny and Walter find themselves in outer space after stumbling upon a seemingly ordinary board game where they have no choice but to work together to win the game and return home. Whether it is winning an extraordinary game or completing chores at home, readers young and old will be reminded of the importance of putting differences aside to accomplish the main mission.

Space Boy by Astronaut Leo Landry

Tired of his noisy home, Nicholas decides that it is time for a change. Lucky for him, he happens to have his very own rocket that can carry him far away from the neverending sounds of his crying baby sister, his demanding dog, and the rest of his restless neighbourhood. Will Nicholas find the peace and quiet he is looking for? Or will he realize that he misses all that sounds that remind him of home?

When Planet Earth Was New by James Gladstone

Stunning illustrations are the first thing to capture your eye when you first begin this picture book as you are transported back in time to when our planet was new. From a fiery ball of lava and gasses to a diverse and livable home for humans, the story of how the Earth as we know it came to be unfolds before your eyes. This book makes an excellent resource for curious little (and big) minds!

The Girl Who Named Pluto: The Story of Venetia Burney by Elizabeth Haidle

Did you know that an 11 year-old English girl was credited with first suggesting the name ‘Pluto’ for the planet discovered in 1930? This is the story of the curious and creative Venetia Burney and how her interest in science left a lasting impact on history. Complete with beautiful illustrations, this picture book is inspiring and encouraging for young minds that are interested in all things science-related. The story of Venetia Burney is an excellent reminder that regardless of your gender or your age, you are able to make an impact.

Books for Older Kids

Neil Armstrong and Nat Love, Space Cowboys by Steve Sheinkin

What do you get when you combine history and time travel? The hilarious and twisted story of Doc and Abby who must work together to rearrange history and return everyone to their rightful century. History will never be boring again when young readers get a taste of how creative and crazy it can get!

Galaxy Girls: 50 Amazing Stories of Women in Space by Libby Jackson

This bright and fun non-fiction book lives in the adult non-fiction section of the library, but could easily serve as a family read-aloud or a book for experienced junior readers. This book brings the stories of 50 inspirational women to life with easy to read one-page stories and beautiful artwork. Women from diverse walks of life and regions of the world are represented in this book, making it inspirational for all readers.

Happy reading!

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