May the 4th be with you

Today we celebrate another Fandom day – this time celebrating Star Wars! Did you know that the phrase “May the fourth be with you” was actually coined in 1979 in reference to Margaret Thatcher becoming the British Prime Minister? Me neither, but librarians love random facts. Check out more history about Star Wars Day at

In celebration Kaylea has created another amazing video program for you. Check it out!

Join the Rebel Alliance by participating in this important training session.

Vanquish the Dark Side by completing these 5 tasks

  • Build your own bubble wand lightsaber
  • Make a lightsaber popsicle stick bookmark
  • Make a baby Yoda paper bag puppet like The Child from The Mandalorian
  • Create your own droid sidekick with our BB8 paper plate or R2D2 toilet paper roll crafts
  • Learn the lightsaber training sequence instructed by Jedi Master Prime

Craft Templates & Instructions

More crafts and activities for celebrating May the 4th at home!

  • Apply Astronomy to Star Wars with simple experiments like testing to see what Earth would be like with two suns like the binary sunset seen from Tatooine or two moons:…
  • Set up an Astronomy Escape Room:…
  • Star Wars STEAM Challenges for kids including writing your favourite Star Wars character’s name in ASCII Code:…
  • Printable Star Wars Writing Prompts. Write your own Star Wars story!:…
  • Star Wars Obstacle Course:
    • Tape streamers across a narrow hallway and get kids to weave through them like dodging blasters.
    • Build a cardboard Death Star and toss balls or bean bags through it. Bullseye womp rats in your T-16! You get the idea.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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