Grade 3 VIP

Our Grade 3 VIP Library Card Campaign is back for its 6th year!

Since September 2017 the TNRL has made it a key initiative to ensure that all grade 3 students in our service area have library cards. Each year we reach out to all the schools, distance learning, and homeschooling groups in the TNRD and invite them to participate.

Throughout March & April 2023 we are asking schools to send home library card application forms for parents and guardians to complete and return to their child’s school. Once the forms get back to us we create new library cards (or update existing ones) and distribute them back to the students through their schools.

If your child is attending school in School Districts 73, 74, or 58 their school has been invited to participate. We have also invited independent schools and distance learning schools such as SCIDES and @KOOL to join. Check with your child’s classroom teacher to see if they are participating!

The five classes with the highest participation percentage (meaning the most students who returned their forms) will also win a $50 Chapters gift card to buy books for their classroom.

If your child’s school is not participating, or your child is not attending a school in SD 73, 74, or 58 your child can participate through their local library branch.

Have questions or want to learn more? Check out our FAQs at or contact us at

Happy Reading!

Acorn the Squirrel
Library Card Campaign Ambassador

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