Grade 3 VIP Library Card Campaign

The 2022/2023 Campaign is live!


Each year the TNRL brings the Grade 3 VIP Library Card Campaign to all grade 3 students in our service area. This includes students in School District No. 58 Nicola-Similkameen, School District No. 73 Kamloops/Thompson, and School District No. 74 Gold Trail. We also include students who are attending independent schools, homeschooling, or learning from home.
Library card registration forms are sent home to parents by classroom teachers (or can be picked up from a library branch). Students receive their brand-new library cards within approximately one month of returning the forms.
Along with their card, they receive a welcome letter and a special sticker from Acorn, our campaign ambassador. 
If you are an educator or parent who would like to participate, email for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions


We want to give all grade 3 students in our service area access to the public library through a free library card! We know that students with strong literacy skills do better, not just in school but in life. We want to support students, parents, schools, and educators by providing free access to the wide range of materials available through our library system.

With a free library card, children will have access to all the library has to offer – including books, movies, video games, eBooks, audiobooks, online databases, musical instruments, and more.

Classes with the highest percentage of forms returned will receive a $50 Chapters gift card to purchase classroom books.

By the time most children enter grade 3, they are able to read and are beginning to be more independent in deciding on their leisure activities. It’s also a time when homework isn’t yet too onerous and where kids can read for pleasure. By imparting a love of books and reading, and creating a habit of visiting the public library, we can help to ensure high literacy rates among our population and in turn the health of all our communities.

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For Parents/Guardians

The Campaign is for any children at a grade 3 level who are studying in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District. We also include students who are attending independent schools, homeschooling, or learning from home.

Check with your child’s classroom teacher to see if they are participating in this year’s campaign. If they are, they will send a registration form home with your child.

If your child is learning outside of a traditional school setting, please contact your local library branch to register your child.

This is a great opportunity to ensure that your child’s library card is up to date and we have the correct contact information for you on file. Please provide us with your updated information by filling out the registration form or indicate on the form that your child’s card is up to date.  

For Educators

All students in split classes are welcome to participate, whether it is K-3, 2/3, 3/4 or something else!

Each year we reach out to all the schools in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District to invite them to participate in the Campaign.

Print or electronic information packages and registration forms are then provided to all participating schools or classrooms.

Educators are asked to send a letter and registration form home with each student for their parent/guardian to complete.

Once you have all the completed forms and parent/guardian letters fill out the Completed Forms Cover Sheet that was provided with the forms.

Attach the Cover Sheet to the student forms and return them to the library. The cover sheet and forms can be either:

  • scanned and emailed to, or
  • dropped off at your local library in a clearly labelled envelope.

Library staff will create a new library card or update existing library cards for all participating students.

We will provide schools with a letter to give to all participating students along with their new card (if one is issued) and a special sticker.

Our goal is to have the cards returned to schools within one month of the library receiving the completed forms.

Teachers – Get your students excited about the library!

  • Let students know about materials at the library – we have books, movies, video games, and more!
  • Share information about the campaign with your students’ parents or guardians.
  • Put up our Grade 3 VIP Library Card Campaign poster in your classroom.
  • Remind students to bring their forms back on time.
  • Book a visit with us! We offer virtual and in-person visits to the library. We’ll provide a tour, share some stories, and answer student questions about the library.

School Library Staff – Connect with your grade 3 teachers!

  • Let them know about the campaign, what the deadlines for returning forms are, and that their class can potentially win a prize for having high participation.
  • Give the Classroom Package to your teachers to distribute to their students.
  • Remind teachers to return the forms to the library on time.

School Administrators – The most important thing you can do to help us is to get your school community excited!

  • Talk to your teachers about the importance of having parents/guardians fill out the forms.
  • Share information about the campaign with your local parent organizations.
  • Make announcements about the campaign to remind students to bring in their forms.
  • Encourage your teachers to set up a visit with the library.

Congrats to our 2020 Winners!

SD 58
Elementaire Collettville

SD 73
Beattie Elementary
Dufferin Elementary
Marion Schilling Elementary
South Sa-Hali Elementary

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