Chicks Have Hatched at the Merritt Library

After weeks in the incubator, chicks have hatched at the Merritt Library. We are pleased to introduce Charles, Eggness and Barb!

The chicks began their journey at the Merritt Library at the beginning of May, when they developed under the warmth of a stuffed chicken at the front desk of the library. Our community loved to inspect the incubator and check out the countdown calendar.

On the chick’s due date, May 23, the first brave chick hatched and was quickly chirping away!

The first chick,  closest in the photo, quickly became fluffy, and was joined by the second arrival, shown in the back of the photo resting between two eggs.


We now have three! It has been so much fun once again hatching chicks at the Merritt Library. We’ll have then with us for the next week or so before they move onto bigger pastures (quite literally), so be sure to come by and meet them soon!

If you want to hear more about why we decided to hatch chicks at the Merritt Library, give a listen to our Branch Head on CBC Kamloops by clicking this link and going to the 1:01:33 mark.  

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