hoopla Updates

Now More Borrows!

Good news for all the hoopla lovers out there- TNRL has upped the limit of hoopla titles you can check out  from 4 to 5 per month! 

May is Bonus Borrows Month

But wait, there’s more!


May is hoopla’s ‘Bonus Borrows’ month. This means you can borrow an extra title during the month of May without it counting toward your 5 borrows. 

hoopla BingePass

One last thing!

Don’t forget to check out hoopla’s ‘BingePass’ product. 

  • hoopla Magazines BingePass – Access current issues of 50 popular and in-demand magazine titles with just one hoopla Instant borrow!

  • The Great Courses BingePass – Science, history, wellness, travel – no matter your interest, learn more about it with The Great Courses BingePass. Watch an entire course, or multiple courses using just one hoopla borrow!

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