Behind the Scenes: Mobile Library

Guest post by Mike, Mobile Library Branch Head

We travel far and wide on the Mobile Library, but the trip always starts and ends the same way: pulling a big truck out of a very small garage to leave, and backing a big truck into a very small garage when we come back. In between we encounter all sorts of characters in all sorts of places. Sometimes we are pushing snow with our front bumper, other times the heat is radiating in waves on the road ahead. Some folks want to show us their latest purchase, be it a new car, or the calf in the back seat of their truck (true story). Others just want to chat about the latest happenings in their lives, perhaps a novel by their favourite author, or a new DVD they have just discovered.

The Mobile Library provides most of the same services that our “brick and mortar” branches do, including free Wi-Fi, video games, and a public computer. We lend all kinds of different materials, and bring items from our largest libraries to our smallest communities. And when we return from our journey, we know there is one thing that always awaits us: we have to get that big truck back into the very small garage.

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