Aberdeen Tiny Library Update #3

Over the next weeks and months we'll be sharing progress updates on the new Aberdeen Tiny Library!

Exciting news! Meet the new Aberdeen Tiny Library Branch Head, Mike Brown. 

Mike is used to small spaces, having been the Branch Head of TNRL’s Mobile Library (and occasionally the Mini Mobile van) for many years.

Here Mike poses in the newly painted space. 

As you can see Mike is very excited about connecting with patrons old and new, and showing off the completed space!


Millwork has been installed and most of the collection is on site. Next up, installation of shelving and IT equipment. 

Still to come is the delivery of our new book vending machine. Yep, the Aberdeen Tiny Library will be the first TNRL location to have a book dispenser. How cool is that?! 


Stay tuned for our next Aberdeen Tiny Library update! 


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