#teenpick – The Spiderwick Chronicles

A #teenpick from Justice!

When Jared Grace is forced to leave his life behind and move with his family to an old creepy house in the middle of nowhere he is far from pleased. But when he finds a mysterious book in their attic with a warning on it, he thinks that he might have found something to make his situation more interesting… until the book reveals to Jared an incredible secret: there is a secret world of fantastical creatures, including an evil ogre who wants the book to destroy the world. Now, Jared and his siblings must work together to protect the book from the ogre and his evil army of goblins.

I had a standoff with my sister to watch this movie from front to back but trust me, it was worth it! This movie has everything! Action, fantasy, suspense, drama…need I continue? It has something for everyone, and it’s made for all types of audiences. But my favourite part of the movie was the villain. The ogre is cunning and monstrous. Overall the best villain of all time. So if you like fantasy and nonstop entertainment, I strongly recommend this fantastical movie.

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