#teenpick – Shouting at the Rain

Another #teenpick from Justice!

Delsie Loves stormy weather and can predict the weather better than any weather station in Cape Cod. This summer is looking bright and sunny for her. But when her summer friend leaves her for someone else, she finds herself longing for her mom. Unfortunately she left Delsie many years before and her grandma is too hurt by the memories to talk about it. But then out of the blue a new boy named Ronan moves into town. Ronan is a bit of a bad egg at first glance but Delsie soon comes to discover that he has many layers, some being good ones. So, with her new ally, Delsie and Ronan take on the summer together, and discover what it takes to make a family.

This is the kind of book that is just full of so many little treasures it’s hard to keep track. It’s touching, it’s sweet, and it makes you really think about how you look at the world. It’s a lighter read that captures your heart and shows us that being abandoned or broken doesn’t have to stop you from being who you are. A treat for anyone who loves tender stories full of hope and wisdom. Shouting at the rain is a true piece of art.

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