#teenpick: A Curse So Dark and Lonely

Here’s our very first #teenpick from Justice!

Rhen, the charming prince of Ironrose, is cursed to repeat the autumn he turned 18, becoming a monster that kills his people in a never ending loop. The only way to break the curse? Find a girl to love him.

Harper, a feisty girl from Washington DC, is forced to grow up quickly when her father leaves her and her mother faces the end of her life. But life only gets harder when she finds herself thrust into a magical world full of curses, enchantment, and potential romance.

This book is an incredible twist on a classical fairy tale filled with romance, drama, and adventure around every corner. It has incredible characters that you can’t help but love, and villains that are colorful and twisted. But the best part? It is full of twists and turns, and just when you think you can guess what’s going to happen next, you get something totally unexpected. Written for the more advanced readers, this story is made for the adventurous at heart and those who are fans of all things hopelessly romantic. I recommend it because it showed me that no matter how hopeless our bleak something seems, so long as you keep trying, there can always be hope.

Check it out here!

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