Tech Tip: Reset Your Password

Have you forgotten your TNRL account password? No problem!

When you register for a library card, TNRL staff set your PIN/password to the last four digits of your phone number. 

However, you can always change your password by following the instructions below:

1. Type “” into your Internet browser address bar.

2. Once you are on our website, click on “My Account” in the top right-hand corner of the page. You should now see this screen:

3. Click on “Forgot Your Password?” You should now see this screen:

4. Type in your barcode from the back of your library card and click “submit.” You should now see this screen:

5. Next, you need to check your email account for an email from the library. The library’s email address is

6. When you open the request to reset your password email from the library, click on the blue link as shown below:

7. Next, complete the password reset form with your barcode and a new password of your choice. The new password/PIN must be a minimum of 4 characters. 

Examples of permitted passwords:

  • 7953
  • apricot1
  • toys4cats

The following passwords are not secure due to the simple pattern repitition:

  • thisisme
  • aaaabbbb
  • 12121212

This password is not permitted because of the exclamation mark:

  • Turner!
8. Click “submit” once you have decided on your new password. If you need any assistance setting a password, please phone your local TNRL branch or email

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