TD Giving Garden to Plant Roots at the Merritt Library

We’re delighted to receive a grant from the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation to support the development of a community garden at the Merritt Library!

The Merritt Library is well known for its engaging programs and the new TD Giving Garden project will place an emphasis on environmental education including food production, water conservation practices and harvest preservation. The goal is to plant and grow everything needed to make a simple recipe, like a soup or salsa, and offer that food back to the community in the fall. 

While COVID-19 is having an impact on when the TD Giving Garden will be open to visitors and 2020 library programming, the Merritt Library staff is looking forward to working with the Merritt Literacy Group and other community organizations to develop engaging naturalist, environmental and food security programs. We’re planning new programs around the TD Giving Garden as well as including it in existing events, such as the Summer Reading Club.

We hope community members of all ages can enjoy our new space while learning basic information about what you can grow at home. We have big plans for the TD Giving Garden and we look forward to seeing you in many future gardening seasons.   

For more information, contact Meg Gregory, Branch Head, Merritt Library.


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