Talking to Kids about COVID-19

Answering Your Young Child’s Questions About Coronavirus

From Zero to Three. For toddlers.
Even if you are limiting media, toddlers will likely pick up on the fact that things are not as they normally are right now and they love asking questions! Zero to Three has some age appropriate answers (and redirections) to help you out, as well as a coronavirus resource page.

How can we talk to kids about COVID-19?
Be “realistically reassuring”

From the Canadian Paediatrics Society. For children.
This article outlines how you can be realistically reassuring when you are talking to children about COVID-19. The Canadian Paediatrics Society shares six simple steps to help you help your children to build resilience during this time.

What – and how – to read with your child during a crisis

From Quill and Quire. For children 6-8.
Dr. Jillian Roberts, author of On the News: Our First Talk about Tragedy, talks in this article about how adults can support children by reading together with them right now. She and her publishers at Orca Books have also worked together to make On the News , which guides parents through how to talk with their children about their feelings in times of crisis, temporarily available as a free eBook. Find the link in the article.

Talking to Teens and Tweens About Coronavirus

From the New York Times. For Tweens and Teens.
Although this article from the NYT is from early last month, it still contains good information about how to connect with your tweens and teens, who likely have access to more information on the internet about the pandemic than younger children, and how to provide reassurance and good information to them by involving them in your conversations and plans.

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