Storytime & Craft: Paper Mouse

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  • Paper (one or more colours)
    • If you are drawing the mouse’s features on, one or two colours is enough
    • If you are making the whole mouse out of paper, you’ll need black, white, and one or two other colours, as you prefer
  • Markers (if drawing the mouse’s features)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or white glue
  • A bowl, can, CD, or other round object to trace for the circle


Step 1:  Cut out the mouse’s body (a circle). Partly fold the circle and cut a line halfway in, then make a very wide cone and glue it over itself.

Step 2: Cut out the mouse’s head. The head is shaped like a heart. You can make a heart easily by folding a piece of paper, drawing half a heart on the fold, and then cutting it out.

Step 3:  Cut out small circles of a different coloured paper for the nose, both parts of the eyes, and the inside of the ears. If gluing features on, glue the small circles onto the mouse to create the eyes, nose, and inside of the ears. You may draw these parts on instead, depending on the materials you have.

Step 4: Cut thin strips of paper to make whiskers, and glue them onto the head. Glue the nose over them, and then glue the head piece onto the body of the mouse.

Step 5: Cut a thin rectangle of paper and roll it around a pencil or pen so it gets a little springy. Glue one end underneath the mouse’s body circle for a tail. Your mouse is complete!

Bonus Activity:  As you make the mouse, or perhaps after, name each part of the mouse together: head, ears, eyes, nose, body, tail, and whiskers.

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