Storytime & Craft: Jumping Bunny


  • Two paper cups
  • Colored papers for bunny ears
  • Googly eyes
  • Permanent marker
  • Cotton ball
  • 2 rubber bands


Step 1:  First, cut four equally spaced slits in the top of the cup. 

Step 2: Cut each rubber band once to create a string of rubber. Each string should be slightly longer than the width of the top of the cup. Next, tie a knot at each end of the rubber string. Slip the knotted rubber strings into the cuts to create an X. 

Step 3:  Now it’s time to make the bunny’s face!  Cut out two bunny ears from one colour of paper, and two smaller inner bunny ears from another colour of paper. If you want to trace the shapes, use the end of a large craft stick or tongue depressor for the outer ear, and a popsicle stick for the inner ear.

Then glue the pink inner ear pieces onto the bigger ear pieces, and then glue them onto the top of the cup. Next, glue the googly eyes and nose.

Step 4:  Now draw the mouth and whiskers on using a permanent marker and glue a cotton ball onto the back of the cup for the tail.

Step 5:  Now your Bunny is ready to hop off! Use the second cup as a base to put your bunny on. Push down the bunny, and then release to watch it jump!

If you’d like to read some more stories about bunnies, check out these books in our collection by clicking the links below.

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