Storytime & Craft: Journey to the Moon

We’re going back to the roots of Beyond Storytime and returning to Storytime & Craft every Friday morning. Each week we’ll bring you a new craft activity tied into the weekly theme of our Friday Virtual Storytime. To accompany you on your trip to the moon this week, why not make this Paper Plate Rocket Puppet?

Paper Plate Rocket Puppet:

This week at Storytime we read a book about a journey to the moon. Let’s make our own rocket and take a trip! This craft is versatile and you can substitute different materials and colours for every part of your rocket.


  • Paper plate, recycled cardboard (cereal box, cracker box, etc.) or cardstock
  • Markers or crayons
  • Tissue paper, streamers, or any colour of paper (you can even colour white paper)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Popsicle stick or paint stir stick (optional)
  • Printable rocket template (optional! Download below if you would like)


Step 1: Using your base material (paper plate or other), cut out a rocket ship. (You can do this through your own creativity or print out the rocket template and use it if you like).

Step 2: Colour your rocket ship with any colours or shapes you select.

Step 3: Glue streamers, tissue paper, or paper strips to the base of your rocket. You can glue a popsicle stick or paint stir stick to the back of your rocket to create a puppet (optional). If you do this step, you may need a hot glue gun or liquid glue.

Bonus Activity:

Need an additional early literacy activity? Try naming the colours of your markers, crayons, or other materials with your child while you engage in this craft.

Check out this cool link for some interesting facts on space:

Or read some extra books about space! These are all available through our catalogue by clicking the links below.

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