Storytime & Craft: Clothespin Airplane

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  • Wooden clothespins
  • Paper (one or more colours)
  • Scissors
  • White glue


Step 1:  Cut out four rectangles and one square from your chosen coloured paper. You will need:

  • Two 3″ x 1″ rectangles
  • Two 2″ x 1″ rectangles
  • One 1″ x 1″ square

Step 2: Cut a small slit about halfway through the square. 

Step 3: Get your clothespin and apply two small drops of glue on each end. Then apply one of your 3″ x 1″ rectangles and one of your 2″ x 1″ rectangles onto the glue. 

Flip over and repeat. Make sure that you put the same length rectangles on the same ends of the clothespin. 

Leave to dry for a few minutes.

Step 4: Insert the square (with the cut in the middle) into the shorter rectangle glued to the back of the clothespin. 

Your airplane is complete!

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