#Staffpick: Summer Reading Club – Week 7 – Blast Off!

This week’s Summer Reading Club theme is Blast Off!: Astronauts and Space Exploration. Check out these book recommendations for young readers from Brittany. All of these and more are available through our online catalogue at tnrl.ca.

Books to Read Together

Otter in Space by Sam Garton

In this playful storybook, Otter and her best friend, Teddy, set off on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to the moon! This book is great for little ones as it shares the astronaut adventure of an adorable, and maybe even familiar, little otter. Little ones are sure to get excited about outer space when they experience this book! Who knows, they might be begging to hear more and more about these out-of-this-world explorers.

A is for Astronaut by Astronaut Clayton Anderson

Written by an astronaut that has spent over 160 days in space, this alphabet book all about space is sure to teach kids and adults some new vocabulary. In addition to having a space word for each letter of the alphabet, this book also features fun rhymes and beautiful illustrations that will help readers with diverse interests find something they love about space exploration.

There Was an Old Astronaut who Swallowed the Moon by Lucille Colandro

You may be familiar with the traditional nursery rhyme, “There was an Old Lady that Swallowed a Fly,” but you have probably never heard this out-of-this-world rendition. In this play on a familiar favourite, an astronaut swallows the moon and other celestial objects! Lots of laughter is sure to be had when you snuggle up and read this silly story.

Books for Older Kids

The Bad Guys in Alien vs. Bad Guys by Aaron Blabey

If your youngster is entering into the world of chapter books, The Bad Guys series is a fantastic place for them to start. Filled to the brim with humour and adventure, The Bad Guys must save themselves from a space creature! This book is sure to leave readers wondering more and more about space travel, and whether or not aliens do exist beyond our atmosphere.

Clear Skies by Jessica Scott Kerrin

Canadian author Jessica Scott Kerrin tells the tale of eleven-year-old Arno Creelman, an aspiring astronomer that struggles with claustrophobia. This novel will appeal to young readers that have some experience reading longer books, but can also be a great read-aloud for families. When Arno is challenged to face his fears in an unexpected way, will he be able to rise up to the challenge and prove to himself that he has what it takes to become an accomplished astronomer?

Happy reading!

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