#Staffpick: One Good Deed by David Baldacci

One Good Deed by David Baldacci 422 pagesGrand Central 2019 Fiction, Mystery. Available in print, Large Print, Audio Book, eAudio and Ebook formats


One Good Deed is a mystery novel following the exploits of David Baldacci’s new character Aloysius Archer. Set in the summer of 1949, the novel follows second world war veteran Archer as he is released from prison after time served for what he had thought was a fairly minor offense at the time. Determined to make a new start, Archer ends up in dry and dusty Poca City on parole, without a job. After reporting to his parole officer, he is told not to go to bars, not to drink alcohol, definitely not to spend his time with loose women, and to go find employment. With little to his name but the clothes on his back, he takes a job collecting a debt for Hank Pittleman: a man with connections to seemingly everything and everyone. Collecting the debt will be tough, disappointing Hank Pittleman might be tougher.For those who have read the escapades of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, One Good Deed follows along in a familiar vein. One man, trying to do his best to get by. Readers of Stuart Woods and James Patterson novels may also find One Good Deed entertaining.


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