#share-a-hobby: Beading

A #share-a-hobby post from Danna!

The book I chose for my Share-a Hobby post was Wapikwaniy: A Beginners Guide to Metis Floral Beadwork by Gregory Scofield and Amy Briley.I chose this book because not only is it connected to my Metis culture, but it can help me create new beadwork art and styles through a cultural lens. Although I have only been beading for around a year, for a self-taught beader, I have picked it up quite quickly. The reason I started beading was to become closer and connect with my culture.

From this book I was able to learn many new techniques. I learned how to curve the flower petal as I bead by using the thumb nail to shape it and I also learned that you can give the string of beads more structure by tacking down every two beads. This book is perfect for someone who is just starting out beading. It’s an easy read that can help you with the beading process from start to finish. It runs through all the basics from getting to know what beads to use to tips and tricks that can help you succeed while beading.

I truly love to bead because it relaxes me and I feel at home. For anyone who may want to try, or even just look into it, this book is a great place to start.

Get your copy here!

Danna worked with the TNRL as an Indigenous Youth Intern for the Summer of 2023. 

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