Library Tours

Organizations, including school classes, can book a private tour of the library. Tours can include a storytime or activity, and an opportunity to check out books as well as learn about what the library has to offer. 
Special Summer Reading Club tours are offered for classes at the end of June! 
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If your library is not listed, please contact your library to ask about a tour.

Kamloops Library

North Kamloops Library

Merritt Library

Please Note:
If you have asked for library cards to be available on the day of your tour please be aware that each tour attendee will need to complete a card registration form, even if they have a library card already. This way the library staff can update their information and issue a new library card for those who may need one. Completed forms will need to be returned to the library at least one full week before the visit. If you select library cards in your tour booking form you will be sent a digital copy of the form via email.

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