SRC for all! Teen & Adult Challenge Resources

Are you taking on some of the Teen/Adult Challenges for our Summer Reading Clubs? Having trouble? We’ve compiled a list of resources to help you with all the challenges on your list!

This downloadable resource guide has some examples and instructions for you for the majority of the challenges.

You can also request a physical copy of this guide using our Personal Picks page! 

Mercury: Check out a virtual night sky tour, a NASA live streamed space event, or an online planetarium. Here you can access NASA’s TV live streaming schedule and watch the events. You can also take a virtual night sky tour from Bryce Canyon (Utah). 

Venus: Love your library! Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and our blog! Browse our posts or join one of our virtual programs. Want to test your library knowledge? Register now to join our Love Your Library Jeopardy night on August 11th at 6pm. Register online at

Earth: Take a look at NASA’s YouTube channel to watch the Earth from the International Space Station! 

Mars: Explore the universe from your own backyard. Find a way to identify planets and constellations in the night sky. A few free apps you can download are SkyView Lite, Star Walk 2 Ads+, Star Chart, Night Sky Lite, or SkySafari. Additionally, you can look at the night sky from your computer. Or download this template for a map of the night sky:

Jupiter: Find out what your horoscope was on the day you were born! Use NewsHound, one of the library’s resources, to find newspapers from your birth date.

Are you a Leo?

Saturn: Read a book or watch a movie that takes you to another world! You can find all of our space-themed summer reading suggestions in our catalogue.

Here are some other fun space resources:

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