New Loan Periods

Starting October 18 some of our loan periods and rules have changed in order to get you your library materials faster! Keep reading to learn more. 

The table below describes the new loan periods. You may notice some loans are shortened, while others are lengthened. For example, books have a 3 week loan period down from 4 weeks while graphic novels and interlibrary loans are lengthened from 2 weeks to 3 weeks.

Additionally, most item types can now be renewed 3 times instead of 2, provided no other patron has requested the item.


New Loan Periods Table

Item Type

Limit Per Borrower

Loan Period / Renewal Information

Books, Graphic Novels, Large Print Books, Audiobooks


3 weeks / 3 renewals



2 weeks  / 3 renewals

DVDs, Blu-Ray, Music CDs


2 weeks  / 3 renewals

Video Games


2 weeks / 3 renewals

Quick Reads, Quick Views


1 week / no renewals

Community Passes/Devices


1 week / no renewals

Book Club Sets, Literacy Kits, Physical Literacy Kits


6 weeks / 1 renewal

Interlibrary Loans


3 weeks / contact your library about renewals

hoopla Digital

4 per Month

Video: 3 days, Music: 1 week / no renewals but you can check them out again if you have checkouts remaining

eAudiobooks, eBooks


3 weeks / renewals possible

*** Mobile Library Exception:  Loan periods will stay at 6 weeks for Mobile Library stops that are visited every 3 weeks.

Download a printable version of the New Loan Periods Table.

When will the new loan periods come into effect?

The new loan periods began October 18, 2021. The old loan periods and number of renewals will apply to all items checked out or renewed before October 18. You can check your due dates at any time in My Account or by contacting us

Why change the loan periods?

Loan periods have changed in order to get library materials to you faster. TNRL has evaluated our collections and circulation and determined these new loan periods will shorten hold queues and get materials into the hands of patrons more quickly. 

Additionally, the new loan periods will simplify things a lot! TNRL previously had 19 separate loan rules, which is now shortened to 10. Much easier for everyone to remember! 

Finally, we surveyed library loan periods across the province and country. The new loan periods at TNRL will put us in line with other Canadian libraries.

What if I haven’t finished with the item?

As long as no other patrons have placed a hold on the item you can now renew most items up to three times! To renew items log into your account here, or contact your local library.

TNRL is fine Free! For full details visit our fines free page!


If you have any questions about the new loan periods not answered here please get in touch: Email us at; contact your local library; or phone 250-372-5145.

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