#teenpick – Your Name

A #teenpick from Sage!

The movie starts in a small town in Japan with a girl named Mistshua Migamizu. She’s bored
with her life and wishes in her next life to live as a boy in Tokyo. One day this comes true when
she wakes up after switching bodies with Taki Tachibana, a boy living in Tokyo. The movie
progresses with them continually switching back and forth each morning. Mistshua and Taki
soon learn to communicate through writing notes and sometimes writing on their bodies. They
come up with rules and ways to respect each other lives. This all works until Taki discovers
something that changes everything and before he can tell Mistshua the switching abruptly ends.

The movie is a treat for movie lovers, music lovers, and artists. All aspects of the movie
contribute to the overall experience. It’s a beautiful collaboration of art that compliments the
story. Your Name starts like a cute story about two high school students wanting something
different. The story timeline then becomes unique and magical, leavening you in anticipation for
the next shifts and changes. When the movie ended I was shocked and wanted to watch it
again to spot everything I missed that hinted to the unexpected ending. If you enjoy movies
about friendship and wonder then you will enjoy Your Name.

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