#teenpick – Wonder (the movie)

A #teenpick from Justice!

Based on the bestselling book by R.J. Palacio, we follow the story of Auggie, a young boy who was born with a face deformity and has lived his entire life safe and sheltered at home. But this year Auggie will be spending his 5th grade year in public school for the first time. Auggie quickly learns that in his school there are lots of people who treat him differently because of how he looks. But is it possible that with the help of his family and new found friends he can find his place in a world so quick to judge?

Wonder is one of those movies that makes your heart ache one moment and swell the next. This movie made me cry so many tears and really made me stop and look at my perspective on appearances. So often we are quick to glance away or shame people who are different because we teach ourselves that those things are wrong. But in reality diversity makes the world an interesting place to be. This movie displays that better than anything I have ever seen. Wonder is full of heart, humor, and meaningful things that are often overlooked. So if you enjoy movies that make you happy cry and fill your heart up, be sure to look out for this amazing movie.

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