#teenpick – Beastly

Another #teenpick from Justice!

Kyle Kingson, a popular and conceited highschooler, has everything in life. He’s good
looking, he has a hot girlfriend, he’s rich, and everyone worships him. But his life takes a turn
for the worst when he makes the mistake of messing with Kendra, a witch who is keen to
teach him a lesson about true beauty. Suddenly, Kyle is cursed and becomes a hideous
monster. The only way to break the curse and turn back to normal is to find someone
to love him in the span of two years, or else he will remain a beast forever. No pressure.

This was one of the greatest books I have ever read in my life. It’s romantic, it’s
heartwarming, and it’s fun to read. It left me feeling so happy and light that for a couple
minutes, I thought I was floating. It teaches us that a person’s worth is not defined by how
they look and that no matter how selfish or mean someone is anyone can make a change
in themselves and in their lives. This book was made for those who enjoy a warm heartfelt
story full of love, passion, and growth.

Find it here!

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