Storytime & Craft: DIY Scratch Paper

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Make the Craft


  • Paper (white)
  • Crayons – oil pastels preferred
  • Toothpick/chopstick


Step 1:  Colour the entire sheet of paper with as many colours as you want.  Light colours work better.

Step 2:  Colour over the paper with black crayon. 

If you are using oil pastels, you can colour the paper easily.  If you are using crayons, you may have to colour in two layers.  The key is to cover the paper completely to the point where you cannot see the colours underneath black.

Step 3:  Draw any art with a toothpick/chopstick. Your multi-coloured art will surface from underneath the black layer!

Do More

Try making a new piece of art – this time with black underneath and multiple colours on top of it!

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