#Staffpick: White Heat by M. J. McGrath

White Heat by M.J. McGrath 381 pages Penguin Books 2011 Fiction, Mystery. Available in print eAudio and eBook formats


White Heat takes place in the high Arctic. The author weaves a mystery that features Inuit, natural resources, international intrigue, women hunting guides, and a murder or two all set within an incredible landscape.

M. J. McGrath is a British journalist and non-fiction author of some distinction. She was able to capture the Arctic as a character for this intriguing book. White Heat is the first in a series of novels about the north. Her lead character, Edie Kiglatuk, is an under-dog we can all root for. 

While reading White Heat, I found learning about a different culture/way of life so engrossing. McGrath immersed the reader in so many aspects of this culture from the food, hunting practices, to the phrasing of words. “Speculation is a white disease” (McGrath 4) struck me and I had to sit back to think about that statement. I recommend this title to all who love to inhale a book and keep coming back for more.

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