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Blow Paint Aliens

These cute blow paint aliens are so fun to make.  No matter how many times you do this craft, each alien and each image will always be unique and different.  Younger children can enjoy experimenting with the magic of blow paint. Older children can enjoy designing full alien scenes!

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Materials Required

  • acrylic or tempura paint
  • water in a container
  • something in which to mix paint and water
  • a black sharpie or a marker
  • white craft glue (liquid is preferable, but a glue stick will work)
  • a straw
  • a paint brush
  • googly eyes (can be done without)
  • paper (thicker paper is better, as watery paint soaks through thin paper)
  • sparkles (optional)
Step 1

Mix your paint with water.  The paint should be liquid enough to move when blown on with the straw.  Be careful not to make it so runny that it leaves no pigment behind or just soaks through the paper. 

It is probably best to test some paint on your paper before starting your actual alien creation.

Step 2

To make each alien, drip some paint onto the paper using the paint brush.  You only need a drop about the size of a Nickle.  Using the straw, blow the paint in any direction.  You can either rotate the page as you blow or move your body to make the paint go in different directions.

Once you have made your paint splats, leave the paint to dry.  Do not move forward with the next step until it is completely dry or your paper may tear!

Step 3

Once your paint has dried, glue on your googly eyes.  Aliens could have any number of eyes, so be creative!

At this point, you can also draw on your aliens.  You could add noses, mouths, ears, antennae, hands, feet, tails…  What do you think an alien might look like?

If you do not have googly eyes, you can draw those on as well.  You can also add some sparkles once you are done drawing!

Enjoy creating your alien friends!

Colour Your Own Rocketship

Your alien friends live far out in space!  Can you design a super cool rocket so you can visit them? 


Send a picture of your artwork to us at for a chance to be featured in next week’s newsletter and blog post.

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